Driscoll's Chocolate Nut Berry Patty Cakes

Chocolate Nut Berry Patty Cakes

Super simple, these chocolate nut berry patty cakes are a treat! Best of all it's totally customisable. Pick all your favourite berries and nuts and cover them in chocolate, you really can't go wrong with this recipe. Recipe by: Justine Schofield

  • Method

    1. Patty cakes

      Place a blueberry and raspberry in each patty pan, with a sprinkle of nuts. Pour the melted chocolate in each patty pan and top with a small touch of salt. Allow to set in the fridge.

  • Ingredients

    50g raspberry
    50g blueberries
    ¼ cup nuts, chopped
    300g melted dark chocolate
    pinch of salt

    • Serves 10-12
    • Dessert
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