Pure delight

Blueberries give you something to smile about.
Blueberries give you something to smile about.
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Breakfast in bed, a play in the park, long lunch with friends, a cool dip in the pool. Think about all the things in life that make you feel good. You can add blueberries to the list.

So good for you
Available all year round, blueberries
are one of nature’s wonders.

Add them to your diet today for a
real boost to your health and vitality.
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Share delicious blueberries with your family any time of day. Enjoy them at breakfast. Snack on them after school. After dinner, devour a virtuous dessert of fresh blueberries and yoghurt. You’ll all go to bed smiling.

We gently nurture our blueberries through the growing season. They are hand-picked and carefully packed so they reach the supermarket shelves in premium condition.

Health Benefits

​A handful of blueberries does wonders.

You’ll be smiling on the inside every time you eat a handful of blueberries.

  • You’ll be smiling on the inside every time you eat a handful of blueberries.
  • Very high in antioxidants, which help fight against cancer, heart disease and other effects of ageing
  • Low GI to help regulate blood sugar levels
  • High source of Vitamin C, E, potassium and fibre
More berry health benefits

Enjoying your Blueberries.



When selecting blueberries, look for dry, plump berries that are free from bruises or dents. Fresh blueberries have a hazy white coating called ‘bloom’. Bloom, which works like sunscreen to protect the berries from the sun’s rays, is also a sign of freshness. Avoid berries that appear shrivelled or lack bloom.



Blueberries are best stored in the fridge, dry and in their original punnet. When fresh and stored correctly, they should keep for 5-7 days. They can be frozen, but don’t wash them first or their skins may toughen. 

Care & eating

Care & eating

Blueberries can bruise easily, so are best handled gently. Leave them in their packaging until you’re ready to enjoy them.

Blueberries taste best when chilled. They should only be rinsed right before eating. 

Don’t just stop at
Blueberries, enjoy all the berries.
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