Be festive

Celebrate the good things in life with a punnet of fresh, plump blackberries.
Celebrate the good things in life with a punnet of fresh, plump blackberries.
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Take yourself back to your childhood with the distinctive flavour of fresh blackberries. Share the joy with an irresistible blackberry cobbler or delicious bowl of fresh berries. And turn an everyday moment into a celebration. 

Indulge your senses
The colour, taste and juicy texture of blackberries is an absolute treat for your senses.
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Add blackberries to the menu and turn your next celebration into something special. Delicious blackberries are the highlight of any meal, elevating desserts and adding rich flavour to savoury dishes. They’re guaranteed to bring people together.

Health Benefits

Blackberries are berry, berry good for you.

Fresh blackberries are the perfect addition to your diet.

  • Very high in antioxidants, which help fight against cancer, heart disease and other effects of ageing
  • High source of Vitamin C, E, folate and fibre
  • High in phytoestrogens, to help protect against breast and cervical cancer
More berry health benefits

Enjoying your Blackberries.



Blackberries range in colour from deep blue to purple to black. Choose berries that are deep and evenly coloured. They should be plump and dry, and have a smooth sheen.



Keep your blackberries in the fridge in a dry container. They should keep for a couple of days if you handle them carefully. You can freeze blackberries by gently rinsing them in cool water, allowing them to dry completely, and pack into freezer-friendly containers.

Care & eating

Care & eating

Blackberries are very fragile. Handle them gently when selecting and rinsing – as part of their appeal is their plump and perfect shape.

Wash your blackberries straight before eating them. Enjoy them on their own or in a range of delicious sweet and savoury recipes. 

Don’t just stop at
Blackberries, enjoy all the berries.
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