Only the Finest

Fresh, beautiful and delicious, berries are one of life's greatest simple pleasures.
Fresh, beautiful and delicious, berries are one of life's greatest simple pleasures.
Mixed berries

Delightfully delicious and bursting with flavour, Driscoll’s berries are the finest you’ll come across. We pour all of our time and energy into making our berries better every day.

Bred Naturally
Using natural breeding methods, we study
thousands of berry varieties to find the ones with the
most flavour. Only the very best make it to you.
Strawberries growing

Creating the perfect berry takes time. In fact, it takes up to seven years for our research and development team to approve a new variety. Working in pristine conditions free from pests, pathogens and viruses our team is up for the challenge.

Grown with love
In the nursery, our berry seedlings are given plenty of TLC. When ready, they are carefully delivered
to our growers and planted in perfect soils or substrate.
Strawberry plant

The Driscoll’s nursery is the perfect site for plant propagation. Within this germ-free environment, our seedlings thrive. Our trusted team of independent growers takes over when the seedlings are ready, applying skill and experience to grow only the finest berries.

Picked every day
Driscoll’s berries are hand-picked every morning,
inspected for quality and chilled to perfection.
They are shipped at their freshest for you to enjoy.
Raspberry picking

Harvesters set out into the fields each and every morning to pick ripe berries. They carefully place them straight into the punnet, and the berries are then chilled to an optimal 0.5°C so that they keep their just-been-picked flavour for as long as possible

Distributed far and wide
We aim to supply fresh berries all year round,
and we're working super hard to achieve this.
Mixed berries in hand

Driscoll’s berries are found in supermarkets all around Australia. To get them there, we carefully collect them from our berry growers’ farms and transport them our retail partners and markets around the country. We aim to collect these delicate gems the day they are harvested, making sure they are not bruised along the way.

Commited to quality
Berries are a delicate bunch.
They don’t like too much handling.
Blueberries handled with care

We pride ourselves on the quality of our berries. Of course, we’re not perfect and don’t always get it right – but our commitment to quality is 100% genuine.

Quality takes many shapes. We strive to grow longer-lasting fruit in great condition. Their appearance matters, too. Then there’s taste, and we’ve struck the perfect balance between sweet and tart.

Health Benefits

Better for you

An abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, dietary fibre and other essential nutrients make berries a deliciously healthy addition to your daily diet.

More berry health benefits

Enjoying your Only the Finest.

Don’t just stop at
Only the Finest, enjoy all the berries.
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