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Mixed bowl berries

We grow the sweetest strawberries, with just the right amount of bite. Juicy, firm raspberries. Blackberries bursting with flavour. And beautiful, bountiful blueberries.

Our secret? Growing deliciously fresh and juicy, full-of-flavour berries is an art and a science. It’s a team effort between Mother Nature and our agronomists, breeders, analysts, plant health scientists, and entomologists. Using traditional breeding processes, we produce the sweetest, freshest, tastiest berries.

Prioritising flavour
It’s no accident that our berries are so flavoursome. We breed them that way, based on what berry lovers around the world tell us they love most about berries.
Blueberry plant

Driscoll’s breeders pore over the flavour profiles of different breeds of berry. Beyond flavour, our sensory scientists also consider the crunch factor. The colour and fragrance. Even the sound of biting into a fresh berry. Then, they combine the best of each aspect to create the perfect berry. It’s berry alchemy.

Happier, healthier plants
Taking a leaf out of the bumble bee’s book, we carefully cross-pollinate our plants to continually produce new varieties and better berries.
Strawberry plant

We take the best characteristics of different berry plants and combine them to create even better plants. For example, one may thrive in tough conditions. Another may produce deliciously sweet berries. Cross-pollination, plus years of testing and careful tending, result in delicious new varieties to bring to market.

Fresh for longer
Only the very best Driscoll’s berries make it to the supermarket shelves. And, thanks to the care we take in getting them from our farms to you, they stay fresh for longer.
Raspberries in punnet

Our berries are hand-picked, gently packed, and chilled to perfection to help preserve their freshness. Then, they stay chilled all the way to the supermarket. By the time you bite into a Driscoll’s berry, it still tastes as good as the moment it’s harvested from the plant.

Health Benefits

Tastes good and feels good

An abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, dietary fibre and other essential nutrients make berries a deliciously healthy addition to your daily diet.

More berry health benefits

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