October 16, 2017 in Lifestyle


This weekend, set some time aside to hang with the family and do something new. Below are five of our favourite ways to spend quality time with the family. Spoiler alert: none of the activities below require technology. Just good old fashioned fun.

Throw a games night

A games night is the perfect antidote to the cold weather outside. Don’t worry if you don’t have any board games (or, you’re bored of the ones you’ve got in the cupboard). There are endless ideas for fun and silly games on the internet – or go for a classic game of cards or charades. To make it more interesting, raise the stakes … how about the winner gets out of doing the dishes for the next week?

 Get back to nature

 A family bushwalk followed by a rustic barbecue in a beautiful bush setting is simply one of the best ways to spend a day. Kids love to be outside, and by taking them on interesting walks and hikes you’re setting them up for a lifetime of healthy habits. Take some healthy snacks in your backpack, and consider carrying a container for your kids to store all the treasures they find along the way.

 Hold a sports carnival

 We’re not talking your typical track and field meet, here. Get creative with your games – think sack races, egg and spoon races, bocce, croquet and more. Choose age-appropriate games for your family, lay down some loose rules and start playing. Wind it up with a festive feast and everyone will end the day with a smile on their dials.

 Get crafty over afternoon tea

Whether you have budding Picassos in the house or not, a craft session is a fun, messy and creative way to spend a rainy afternoon. Whether you choose a particular craft project – for example, puppets, flip books or paper planes – or go freestyle and let the kids’ imaginations run wild is up to you. Pair your craft session with delicious afternoon tea snacks like jam filled lamingtons and you’ll have the whole family clamouring for more.

 Become tourists in your own backyard

When was the last time you explored your local town or city as a family? Jump on public transport together, head into the city and pretend to be tourists for a day. Explore art galleries and other attractions, and treat yourselves to a lovely lunch somewhere special.