Strawberry Matcha Latte Recipe | Driscoll’s®

Strawberry Matcha Tea

Experience a burst of vibrant flavours with our Strawberry Matcha Tea, crafted by the talented Justine Schofield. You can embark on a taste adventure that combines the earthy richness of matcha tea with the sweet indulgence of fresh strawberries. Frothy matcha tea meets a luscious strawberry crush, creating a symphony of flavours that will awaken your senses.

  • Method

    1. Matcha

      Whisk the match tea with one cup of boiling water until frothy. Cool.

    2. Strawberries

      Crush the strawberries in a bowl with maple syrup. Portion into glasses and top each glass with ice. Top ¾ of the way up with milk and top with frothy matcha tea.

  • Ingredients

    1 tbsp matcha tea powder
    1 cup soy milk (or any nut milk of your choice)
    1 punnet Driscoll's strawberries, hulled
    2 tsp maple syrup

    • Serves 2
    • Drink
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