Raw Raspberry Chocolate Mousse

Raw Raspberry Chocolate Mousse

This guilt-free mousse is a taste sensation. Velvety, delicious and bursting with nutrients, it’s fun to make, even more fun to assemble and, you guessed it, the best fun is dipping your spoon in to sample its rich flavours. The perfect dessert for a romantic night in.


1/ 2 punnet (60g) Driscoll’s raspberries, to decorate
2 teaspoons finely chopped pistachios, to decorate (optional)
edible flowers, to decorate (optional)

Raspberry sauce
125g punnet Driscoll’s raspberries
1 tablespoon pure maple syrup or raw honey
1/ 2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 medium very ripe banana, peeled & coarsely chopped
1 medium avocado, halved, stone removed & flesh scooped out
1/ 2 punnet (60g) Driscoll’s raspberries
1/ 4 cup (60ml) canned coconut milk
1/ 4 cup (60ml) pure maple syrup or raw honey
1/ 3 cup (25g) cacao powder

  • Serves 2
  • Dessert


To prepare raspberry sauce, place ingredients in a small saucepan set over low heat. Cook for 2­–3 minutes, until raspberries have collapsed to a pulp. Press through a fine mesh sieve and discard seeds. Set aside.

To prepare mousse, place all of the ingredients in the food processor or a high-speed blender and blend until smooth.

To serve, spoon mousse into serving glasses and top with sauce. Decorate with raspberries, pistachios and edible flowers. 

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