May 4, 2021 in Farming Practices


Growing fresh, beautiful and delicious raspberries doesn’t happen overnight. The journey starts with natural breeding methods through cross-pollination. Our hardworking team are like matchmakers, they select the best of the best parent plants and match the best berries to create an even better offspring. The perfect raspberry can take five to seven years to develop. During this stage, the team look at the composition of berries to better understand berry flavour. By the time a berry is ready to be planted commercially by our independent berry growers, it has usually been tasted several thousand times. Plant health is also optimal during the breeding phase, our research and development team work in pristine conditions free from pests, pathogens and viruses

Each raspberry is grown with love. Our passionate growers are up for the challenge and execute sophisticated production methods. This requires a combination of geographies, varieties and finding the perfect planting times. The growing process begins between November and March where the mother plant is delicately planted in perfect soil. Raspberries are harvested in a continuous flow starting in March. After the first harvest, our dedicated growers will give our raspberry plants a little TLC and then starts another cycle. Which can mean each raspberry plant has been harvested two times before the season is over. The same plant can be used for as long as 5 years until it’s replaced. Now that’s a lot of raspberries!

During the cooler season, raspberries that are available between April and November are grown in warmer locations like Coffs Harbour, South East Queensland or Northern Perth, Western Australia. When the summer season kicks in November, raspberries are being grown in Tasmania, Victoria and South Western Australia where summer conditions are a bit milder than their subtropical counterparts. Raspberries love the sunshine and thrive on warmer weather. Our goal is to have the freshest, beautiful and delicious raspberries all year round.

Raspberries are a delicate fruit and every morning during harvest, our Aussie farmers handpick and pack our raspberries on the field. Right before each punnet is stored in optimal cooling conditions our Quality Assurance team inspect the fruit quality, which can take many forms such as flavour, appearance and longer shelf life only then are they ready to be sent to your local supermarket!

Once they hit your supermarket shelves the tastiest raspberries are plump, brightly coloured, with a soft hazy gloss.