Well, with autumn upon us, now’s the chance to dial up the cosy-factor. The cooler nights – plus an earlier dusk – are the ideal opportunity for you to perfect your stay-at-home routine. Whether you’re flying solo or have a partner to share it with, here’s what you need for a truly cosy night at home.

1. Comfort clothes Comfortable clothes are an absolute essential for your cosy night in. This might mean your favourite pair of tracksuit pants, some woolly socks and an old jumper. It might mean leggings and a t-shirt. Whatever you feel most at home in, put it on.

2. Comfort food This doesn’t have to be stodgy or bad for you (although the occasional bowl of your favourite pasta will never go astray). Comfort food may be as simple as a nourishing bowl of soup or a delicious curry. Choose foods that are easy to make (or order in) and warm your heart and soul.

3. A delicious drink Whether it’s a beautiful glass of red wine or a scrumptious hot chocolate, follow up your meal with a drink you can linger over. Take the time to enjoy it.

4. A good book Indulge in the escapism of a good book. Nothing quite says ‘cosy’ as much as curling up on the couch with a book from your favourite author, or taking the time to explore books from authors you’ve never read before.

4. Or, a Netflix binge If reading’s not your thing, then perhaps a good Netflix binge will do the trick. There’s something extremely indulgent about watching three episodes of your favourite show, all in a row.

5. Get crafty Ever fancied knitting a throw rug or scarf? Is collage more your thing? Crafting is a super-relaxing activity (unless you’ve never picked up a pair of knitting needles before, in which case a cosy night in is perhaps not the best time to start). Choose a craft you’re comfortable with, set low expectations so there’s no pressure, and while away an hour or so in crafting heaven.

6. Set the scene Scented candles and soft music are the perfect accompaniments to a cosy night in (unless, of course, you’re embarking on a marathon of The Crown). If you need task lighting for your book or craft project, invest in a beautiful lamp that casts a pool of light right where you need it. This way, you can dispense with bright and distracting downlights and go for something much more suited to the mood.