December 26, 2018 in Berry News


For the berry lover that wants to eat them right now

If you want to eat your berries now (the team here don’t blame you, they are super delicious) it’s best to rinse your berries gently with cool water. To get the best flavour let the berries reach room temperature before you eat them.

For the berry lover that can wait until the end of the week

Berries can stay brilliant and juicy for 3-5 days. Simply refrigerate the berries in their original punnet between 0° - 1° then once you’re ready to eat them, give the berries a gentle cool water rinse and let them dry at room temperature.

For the berry love that wants berries forever

Maybe not forever, within the next 12 months. Properly stored frozen berries will maintain their quality for about 12 months.  As much as we all love to eat them straight from the punnet it’s also a handy tip to store some in the freezer to thaw later for sauces or baking. Frozen berries are also great for smoothies.  (https://www.driscolls.com.au/recipes/search/smoothie) during warmer months.

It’s best to wash your berries, let them dry and reach room temperature. Properly store them in air tight containers or freezer bags – leave a bit of room as the berries might expand a little.

Tip: For strawberries you might want to hull the berries before freezing.