Food Safety Program

Our berries are grown, harvested and shipped with the highest standards of care possible including rigorous food safety standards. Driscoll’s Australia Food Safety Program has been developed following accepted national principles established by the Guidelines for Fresh Produce Safety developed by the Fresh Produce Centre Australia & New Zealand.


As part of our Food Safety program, Driscoll’s employs independent third party auditors to verify that food safety requirements are being followed on every farm and facility around the country. Audits are performed by certified, independent third-party agencies to ensure adherence to approved food safety programs. Audits are performed in the fields, cooling facilities and distribution facilities to monitor water, fertiliser use, pest control methods, harvest practices and food safety and security procedures. The results of these audits are reviewed by Driscoll’s food safety staff. Non-compliance issues are addressed and corrective measures are verified by Driscoll’s.


Adherence to Driscoll’s Australia Food Safety Program policy is a vital component of our independent grower contractual relationships. We inform our independent growers about company policy and ensure strict adherence. Our independent growers are responsible for adhering to federal, state and local food safety regulations. If inconsistencies are discovered, we investigate the potential violation with the grower. Driscoll’s Australia strives for immediate resolution of any non-compliance issues.


In Australia, federal and state laws strictly regulate the use of pesticides. All independent growers who grow Driscoll’s berries must adhere to local and federal laws applicable to that growing region as well as country specific import and export regulations.

Driscoll’s independent growers are leaders in the practice of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM employs a combination of natural and synthetic means to reduce disease and pest pressures. IPM employs constant field monitoring and also includes the use of beneficial organisms to control damaging pests. Driscoll’s independent growers are free to choose which Integrated Pest Management methods they use. Regardless of the pest control method, all pesticide use must be in compliance with federal and state laws.

Driscoll’s Australia collects samples periodically and tests products to verify that pesticides are used responsibly and all regulations are met.


Microbial levels in irrigation water are monitored at every farm. All the independent growers who grow Driscoll’s berries must adhere to stringent water quality standards.

Foreign Object Contamination

Driscoll’s strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries are handpicked and packaged in the field or in pack houses. Packing facilities are carefully monitored and audited to verify compliance with good agricultural practices. Harvest crews who pick the berries are routinely audited to ensure compliance with good agricultural principles. To ensure the utmost quality and freshness, the berries are not touched again until opened by consumers.

Grower Education and Support

Information sharing helps our independent growers excel. Driscoll’s Australia Quality Assurance and Food Safety department monitors fruit quality and work closely with growers to ensure that the standards of our Food Safety Program are met. By sharing their best practices, Driscoll’s independent growers are able to grow the safest, fresh, most flavourful berries possible all year-round.

Quality Assurance

We routinely audit farms and facilities to ensure that we comply with national and international food safety rules. Every batch of berries we produce is inspected for quality and appearance by our trained staff to ensure they are fresh and delicious when they reach our customers. Our berries are cooled as soon as possible after they leave the field and are not handled by anyone other than the consumer. This reduces bruising and maintains the berries’ wholesomeness throughout transportation.