If you love strawberries, look out for punnets that contain brilliant red berries with an even, rich sheen. They should be clean and dry, and the leaves and stems should be bright green.

Love our raspberries? Keep any eye out for plump, brightly coloured berries that have a soft, hazy gloss and are free of dents and bruises. Raspberries have tiny hairs on them called ‘styles’ – these are natural, and don’t affect the taste or ripeness of the berries.

If you're a blueberry fan look for dry, plump berries that are free from bruises or dents. Fresh blueberries have a hazy white coating called ‘bloom’ that helps to keep them fresh. The more bloom the better!

Or maybe blackberries are your thing? They range in colour from deep blue to purple to black. Choose berries that are deep and evenly coloured. They should be plump and dry, and have a smooth sheen.

Quick tip - Remember to give them a gentle wash just before you eat them. Berries are highly perishable and have a short shelf life - so it's best to eat them straight away ... we have no issues with that though, they're so delicious!