April 4, 2018 in Nutrition & Health


It’s 3 o’clock and you walk past the office vending machine, thinking about the chips or chocolate. We’ve all been there, and everyone deals with unhealthy food cravings but how do you combat them? Here we’ve listed why you may be getting those cravings and simple ways to find a healthier option! 

When you’re not drinking enough water this tends to thicken the blood in your system, slowing down the transport of nutrients throughout your body. Often when you’re feeling like something sweet it’s your body telling you it’s dehydrated. 

Combat this with by drinking more water! It may not be a snack, but it’s way more beneficial than reaching for that chocolate bar in your snack drawer.

Feeling stressed, anxious or frustrated? Often we resort to comfort foods that have made us feel better in the past. Stress raises your blood levels of cortisol, a hormone that can make you gain weight, especially in the belly area. 

A healthier snack to hit the comfort spot can be some unsalted popcorn, or for those with a sweet tooth some fresh fruit!

Blood sugar
Often we feel the 3 o’clock blood sugar fluctuations make us feel sluggish and causes us to reach for the nearest sugary snack. However, the quick rise in blood sugar from the snacks that are high in refined sugar drops just as quickly, thus leading to an eventual “sugar crash”. 

Okay, we may have said no to chocolate but it’s not that bad for you! If it’s high in cocoa this becomes a good source of magnesium. Switching that milk chocolate to 90% cocoa might be unpalatable at the start, so slowly work your way up starting at a lower percentage.   

Nutrient deficiencies
Trying a new diet? But now you've caught yourself starting at the lolly jar on the kitchen bench. Sometimes our cravings occur because our meals throughout the day were lacking nutrition. 

Why not try a low-fat smoothie? This Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl is one of our favs! It’s that sweet fix that will fill you up. You can also have the added benefit of customizing it so that it perfectly suits your tastes and needs.

Let’s face it sometimes we crave certain foods because we are just bored. Devouring in a sugary or salty snack is way more interesting than doing nothing, but ask yourself are you really hungry? 

If you have extra time up your sleeves why not try to take on a hobby, exercise or read a book.