February 9, 2018 in Nutrition & Health


  • Top your healthy cereal with half a cup of mixed berries for breakfast
  • Freeze fresh berries and snack on them in the afternoon for a refreshing, healthy treat during summer months
  • Make overnight oats – mix oats and yoghurt in a container overnight, add a cocktail of your favourite berries in the morning and mix all the ingredients for a great start to the day
  • Mash up raspberries with a fork and spread over some crackers for a quick snack or lunch
  • Blend up a berry slushy using whatever frozen berries you have in the freezer
  • Float a few berries in mineral water for a hint of flavour and, because they are water soluble fruits, the nutritional benefits leach into your water, too
  • Serve up a beautiful platter of berries, cheese and crackers
  • Freeze berries into some lemonade or water for a refreshing ice block. Kids love this one!